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nah man, you’re cool! i’m more poking at the people who refer to others as pieces of shit when they’re laughably wrong and can’t take it

oh :o oop did I…. get the wrong person because the timestamps were similar 

whoop awkward >.>


the thing about cherubplay is not that people are so often deliriously wrong, but that they get their panties knotted around the sticks in their asses when its pointed out to them

Sorry :c it’s just a little frustrating when the first person to take the prompt tells me I have the color wrong. And I’d been using that color for a long time so I never bothered to look through the available colors, you know? I was a little testy, sorry.

Then again this might not even be related and I’m making a bigger fool of myself. 

Jesus i just snorted

i know i laughed really hard when i posted it then felt like a loser for laughing so hard at my own joke

Anonymous said: Do YOU mind the ooh-ooh-ooh?

i dont tag people cause rebel but heres this

name: Alex
nickname: dyinghere,dying,dy
birthday: july 25
gender: i am a lady
sexuality: i like everyone but i’m less picky with guys. really particular about girls
height: 5’3”
time zone: est
what time and date is it there: August 28 2:47 PM
average hours of sleep i get per night:  too much
OTPs: so many. but i cant really pick favorites. the only one i can say for sure is toph/sokka
the last thing i googled: Aiwei
first word that comes to mind: to the google thing? or just in general cause…. couscous for the general thing. korra to the google
what i last said to a family member: fumbling for the sign language for ‘you’re always so impatient’
one place that makes me happy and why: my room because sleep is almost the only thing that makes me happy anymore 
how many blankets i sleep under: one
favourite beverage: soda
last movie i watched in a cinema: xmen: days of future past. almost saw guardians of the galaxy for dads birthday a few days ago but he had to work
three things i can’t live without: whats living anymore
a piece of advice for all my followers: why are you even here i dont do anything
you have to listen to this song: Here, have a song about anal.
my blog(s): This one. And an Equius Appreciation blog I neglected. My vent blog. I co-moderate a nature/bug blog here that everyone should look at cause if there’s more attention I might do more stuff for it. And just joined a blog for a minecraft server but I still need to get some posts out. Basically im lazy though and i just lose motivation with everything.

this is me just speculating and trying to cram my otp into canon but lin’s half sister has darker skin. like…. a water tribe member….



i was trying to think of napoleon dynamite and i said nathan explosion and then i laughed cause dynamite explosion

i just realized I reblogged that money post and a few days later got twenty dollars taken from me hahahahaha

its funny because its ironic

I couldn’t find these anywhere so I made my own


Anonymous said: arex ill be home tomorrow. we should minecraft yes.

huffs why anon

but yes we do thing. i slept all day anyway

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Enjoy 1 minute of Michael and Ray laughing.


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Men In Blocks: A Minecraft Pixelmon Server!


Currently, we’re still running on Minecraft version 1.7.2, but we will be updating soon! We also have a few more mods you’ll need to download to be able to play. 

You can read more about it on our website, HERE!

You’ll need Forge for 1.7.2, and Pixelmon 3.1.4

From here, you have three options:

A. Download Fleety’s Mod Sync Tool, Here.
C. Download a file containing all of the mods; Mods.rar

The mod sync tool allows you to download the mods straight from the server’s mod folder! There’s more information about it on the website. But we understand if you would rather not, and you can either download them individually - and miss out on a few special customizations we’ve made - or unzip the .rar and drop those into your folder.

If any of my friends have Minecraft and enjoy Pokemon, I play on this server!


misunderstood animatronics are my favourite 5NAF concept tbh

uses his highblood status on his friends because he's very lonely
kills nepeta and equius, severely injures terezi, chops off heads, keeps blood on his person, breaks karkat's heart
same people:
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