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ps dont read those youll be wasting your time i swear

the nsfw edition of my starters hhh.

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im gonna post all my saved starters {even the terrible ones i regret} because i’m paranoid that the forums i have them saved on might one day break or something and i’ll lose them. so this is gonna be…. really really long and i may break it into chunks or something.

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Anonymous asked: I'm the Karanon if you'd like to throw the prompt up on Cherubplay I'm around now, we could pick it back up again~ c:

ughghhh i’m really sorry it took me this long to reply but if you’re still out there and checking back for the answer, we can do that vuv we’d have to set up a time for me to put up the starter though so send me an ask when you’re going to be on for a while and hopefully i’ll get it in time


sooOOo alex got multiplayer to work + mods so hhhd[pfpt dumb fun. 


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d.a.n.c.e // justice

you were such a pyt
catching all the lights
just easy as abc
that’s how you make it right

what i don’t understand about this site is there are people getting angry at things, not because they find it offensive, but other people would

that’s weird

Another slightly NSFW chat that I'd like to reconnect with 

There’s mention of awkward teenagers and nudity, as well as a link to lingerie.

Female Equius and male Vriska. It was the best Vriska ever I swear I was so intimidated, I wasn’t all that great in this RP but if the person happens to see this and might want to reconnect, I’d be so grateful!

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was that Karkat from the sugar pile Nepeta prompt, if you wanted to continue at some point I'd be down! You're a really good Nepeta!

yeee i would actually! I can’t promise I’ll be as good though, i feel like some of my abilities atrophied from disuse v.v

and thank you very much! i haven’t really roleplayed as her as often as some of my more regular characters so i’m glad to know people think I do okay vuv




this is really


so im in this chat with a dave for a while, it was pretty cool, they were pretty good and fun to talk to ooc

i told them i was putting on rose cosplay because i was bored

i said i’d show em

i took pictures and was honestly feeling really nice about my being able to cosplay lalondes now without being insecure

sent em the pictures

they didn’t even respond at all, which i was fearing since i sent the links

they did exactly what i thought they would



now i’m probably going to end up off for the night wondering what i did wrong or if i’m ugly or a bad cosplayer or if it’s simply my /race/

my hands are honestly really shaky and i’m kinda really upset over this, but i didn’t wanna post it on my main blog since people get worried about me a lot

i dunno, it’s probably dumb

i think i might go to bed. yeah.


i was curious and typed out the links and jfc you’re adorable though! i’m hoping they didn’t disconnect for some dumb, nasty, ridiculous reason, but the optimist in me is thinking it was intimidation because you’re a great rose and very pretty :c i’m sorry you had bad luck with the potentially rude stranger </3

Really NSFW KarNep roleplay 

I started re-reading all my saved cherubplay RPs for the nostalgia and this is one I’m pretty proud of because I was able to keep a decent length for most of the replies.

Contains naked, sugar-pile Nepeta haha…. I had another one with a Feferi but it ended a lot sooner so posting it would be kinda lame. I’m also sorry I took forever and didn’t reply to the last bit and made Karkat disconnect :c 

Maybe I’ll post other old links in an effort to find and reconnect with some people that I’d really like to continue with.

uhh… warnings: there’s some very slight coercion in the beginning but it’s not to the point of abuse, just an eager teenager, and it gets addressed and apologized for very quickly! there’s xenobiology on Karkat’s part, and uh… I don’t know any more because I haven’t finished re-reading, so if I see something I think needs to be mentioned, I’ll add it vuv

Edits: Big warning: typos! aaaghghh I made so many errors oh god

i'm still afraid I made a fatal mistake in there somewhere
you mean like the hammer handle and head being misaligned?
Bob dodges
it must have been curved or something but I just didn't feel like eyeballng it
the axe is curved
axes are shaped like that
i'm not an
oh my god
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